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1.  对华态度友好,在华表现优秀。

2.  遵纪守法,身心健康,全面发展。

3.  学习成绩优异,具备较强的学习和研究能力。

4.  积极参加各项文体活动或社会实践活动;有突出事迹者优先。

5.  学校将考核上一学年的综合情况,上一学年成绩平均分在76分以上(入系本科生、研究生可放宽此条件),且无不及格科目,出勤率达到80%以上。

6.  同等条件下,家庭经济条件困难者优先。



1.  个人申请

l  学生请于2018年5月27日24:00前登录提交电子申请信息。

l  申请信息填写注意事项:

n  留学项目种类:C

n  受理机构编号:10173

n  学习期限:2018.9.1-2019.7.15

2.  学校审核

l  我校将于2018年5月31日前根据申请者情况确定拟推荐学生名单。拟推荐学生须提交下列纸质申请材料:

n  《中国政府奖学金申请表》(请从国家留学基金委网站下载);

n  在学证明;

n  2017/2018年度成绩单(加盖公章);

n  《我的留华故事》一篇,字数不少于800字,中英文均可;

n  文章检索证明、录用通知(其他论文不作为支撑材料上报)或参与发表专著的证明材料;

n  各类国家级、省市级比赛的获奖证明或专利证明等;

n  担任学生干部或社团职务的证明等。


3.  校内公示



联系人:高瑞老师 张苾老师









Notice on Application for 2018/2019 Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship

Chinese Ministry of Education would continue to carry out the program of “Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship” in 2018/2019 academic year. Students who have had an all-around understanding of China, cherished love for China, conducted honorably and got good grades would be selected and encouraged to apply for this scholarship.


1. Eligible applicants

Undergraduates, masters, and PhDs (scholarship and self-paid students) who have studied in his/her major program for more than 1 year.


2. Award standards

l  Undergraduates: 18000 RMB per person

l  Masters and PhDs: 30000 RMB per person


3. Quota

The university would recommend 3 students for nationwide selection. The final selection would be conducted by China Scholarship Council on behalf of Chinese Ministry of Education, and applicants’ performance would be evaluated based on their academic progress, scientific achievements, and comprehensive performance in China.


4. Application requirements

l  Having a friendly attitude toward China and a good performance in China.

l  Observing relevant laws and regulations in China, maintaining both physical and mental health and getting comprehensive progress.

l  Getting great academic performance, having strong capacity for doing scientific research.

l  Actively participating into various sports activities or social practical activities, students with outstanding deeds would be given priority.

l  School would evaluate applicants’ comprehensive performance during the last academic year. Students who have an average score over 76, failed no subjects and maintain an attendance rate above 80% might be given priority.

l  When other conditions are equivalent, students from families with financial difficulty would be given priority.


5. Application procedure

A. Personal application

Please get to to fill out the online application form before 24:00, May 27, 2018.

Matters needing attention:

Program Category: C

Agency Number: 10173

Duration of Major Study : 2018.9.1-2019.7.15


B. School selection

The university would announce the name list of students who would be recommended for nationwide selection on May 31, 2018. Students who are on the list need to submit the following material.

l  Application form for Chinese Government Scholarship (downloaded form CSC website after application).

l  Study certificate.

l  Transcript with stamp.

l  Write an essay titled My Story of Studying in China, no less than 800 words, either English or Chinese is acceptable.

l  Article retrieval certificate, Offer letter, or materials verifying your participation in publishing monographs.

l  Certificates or awards of various national- and municipal- level competitions.

l  Certificates of being student cadre.


C. Publicity

The name list of students who would be recommended for nationwide selection would be published to the public for inquiry from May 31 to June 6, 2018.



Contact Person: Gao Rui Laoshi  Zhang Bi Laoshi

Contact Number: 84713590



                                                                                        International Students Office

                                                                                                  May 22, 2018