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Visitors in the gardens of Jodrell Bank

关于做好期末考试期间安全工作的通知, Security Notice



To all students:

To ensure that students have the personal and property safety, now we publish the security notice to all students as follows:


The students are requested to consciously abide the relevant provisions in Foreign Student Handbook.


To prevent fires, flammable and explosive items are prohibited to store in the room. Please do not smoke in bed, do not use electric warming mattress, induction cooker and rice cookers in the room. Students, who are living off campus, pay attention to use the gas.


Obey the attendance rules, attending class on time. If you leave for personal affairs please let teacher know. Attending the test on time, make sure bring your passsport.

4. 妥善保管好私人贵重物品,离开房间时请随手锁好门。

Keep your personal valuables safe. When you leave the room, plese make sure the door is locked.

5. 晚上外出的同学请结伴而行,并注意人身、财产及饮食卫生安全,严禁酗酒,按时返回。

When you go out at night, please go with a group of students. Meanwhile, pay attention to personal safety, property and food hygiene. Alcohol is prohibited. Please return the student’s dormitory on time.


International students are not allowed to be employed of any kind in China during study.

7. 圣诞节和元旦节期间,注意防火防电及出行饮食安全。

During the time of Christmas and New Year, pay attention to the fire prevention and the safety of the travel.