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Visitors in the gardens of Jodrell Bank







1. 全体中国政府奖学金生必须参加会议。

2. 如因上课、生病等原因不能参会,请于4月9日11:00之前向203办公室张苾老师请假。

3. 会议开始前全体同学需要进行指纹签到,未签到者视为未参会。

4. 会上将下发《中国政府奖学金年度评审表》和成绩单。4月20日17:00前,填写表格并由导师或班主任签字后交给203办公室张苾老师。未按时上交《中国政府奖学金年度评审表》视为放弃奖学金资格。

5. 需要申请奖学金延期的博士同学,请于会议结束后领取并填写《中国政府奖学金生延长奖学金期限申请表》。学生凭《申请表》向大使馆申请奖学金延长确认函。4月30日17:00前,请将确认函交给203办公室张苾老师。




Time: 2019 April 10th,14:30-17:00

Venue: Lecture Hall, Library 1st Floor

Information in highlight:

1. All CSC Scholarship students must attend the meeting.

2. Students who cannot attend the meeting due to class conflicts or emergency need to ask Zhang Bi Laoshi for permission at Office 203 by 11:00 April 9th.2.

3. All students must check in before the meeting with fingerprint.

4. The form of CSC Scholarship Annual Review and transcript would be given during the meeting. The form should be filled out, signed by supervisor or head teacher of the class, and submitted to Zhang Bi Laoshi at Office 203 by 17:00 April 20th. Missing the deadline of submitting the form is considered giving up CSC Scholarship.

5. PhD students may get the form of Scholarship Extension after the meeting and apply for extension through embassy. PhD students should submit confirmation letter issued by embassy by 17:00 April 30th.

Contact Person: Zhang Bi Laoshi

Contact number: (0411)84713590